Saturday, January 31, 2009

They are gossip mongers!

The site is geared toward gossip mongers!
They intentionally post erroneous information
to stir up tensions and draw visitors to their site.
99% of the gossip posted there, is WRONG.
Intentional or not? you tell me!

New Administrator right? I doubt it. Nothing
has changed.

Sad, sad place. Filled with sad, sad people...

Monday, January 19, 2009

CCB "Supposedly" Changes hands?

CCB is the most disgusting, dirty, filthy, white-trash, trailer-trash, Jerry
Springer Discussion forum ever to represent our quite an quaint city!

You have a forum that went from bad to worst! Under the most current administration of
Mac & Incognito., the forum has hit so many all time lows, that its hard to count. "Mac" the administrator of the board, with the help of her ever persistant sister " incognito" have
taken a perfectly decent discussion forum way beyond where it should have gone.

CCB was meant to be a discussion forum. Not a personal assasination, and gossip site!

What happens when discussion forums go bad???

Tune into th next postss for more...............

Monday, January 5, 2009

The latest crap going on there is a hoot!

Arguments, love fest, kiss and make-up. Argue again, make-up again. Build one another up just to beat one another down!

Now Administrator of the Board wants to sell it?
Who in their right mind would buy it? It is a Lawsuit waiting
to happen! Only a matter of time before they get sued.
Admin, has it right. Get out while the getting is good, and
make some money while you can! It wont be a drop in
the bucket for the lawsuits though.

LOL is a cess-pool of gossip, and public